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  • Data Backup & Recovery

With TechnoLiving IT you will have peace of mind:
On Site and Cloud Full Data Backup services that you can count on:

  • We backup all 100% of each of your computers and server or servers. All your data, files, photos, music, documents, programs, your active Windows OS as well as all your computers settings.
  • Backups run multiple times a day and data is stored locally and offsite encrypted cloud servers. The benefit of storing an encrypted cloud backup services is that it will convert your data into a code with the purpose of securing your information to prevent unapproved access.
  • This state of the art Backup, reduce the recovery time by being able to recover entire servers, workstations and their data using either local or cloud-based storage.

Regardless of your business size, you need dependable data backup and recovery services. TechnoLiving IT can provide that to you.

Call us today 561-421-5757 and prevent the unexpected from destroying your data and your business.

    • Don’t risk losing your data forever. Saving your files and folders only locally is a huge risk today. Not only a risk for computer viruses but also theft, accidents, floods, fires, unexpected deletions but also natural disasters. TechnoLiving IT has a safe and secure solution by being extra cautious storing your data several times a day to more than one backup server. As your data safety provider we offer double protection by providing you with multiple layers of defense and safekeeping.
    • We not only secure your data but ensure peace of mind providing the many safeguards your business needs.
    • Corrupt data which can occur at any time from writing, reading, storage or processing. This can change your data and you will not even be aware that it has done so. Sometimes bad sectors on your hard drive may cause corruption of your files and database as well. With our IT remote management programs we can monitor your computers 24/7 and these issues will have immediate attention and positive results.
    • If you own a home or vehicle you have a backup plan called insurance that you pay for regularly to give you peace of mind in case of a disaster. Do you have a backup plan for your data? You may have a liability plan for your business in case of an accident or disaster but do you have a plan for all your information and recovering that data and files should the unexpected occur? TechnoLiving IT has that plan for you.
    • How reliable is your backup? Is your current method of backing up losing information? Is the backup device you are currently using meeting the capacity needed for storing all your business data? do you really know how reliable your backup is in a real disaster?
    • How rapidly can you recover data and restore your data should the unexpected happen? TechnoLiving IT has recovery solutions for you through our remote administration.
    • Have you suffered from losing some if not all your information before? Did it impact your business productivity? How much downtime did you have? How much did that downtime cost you? Did you recover all your data and files? If so what have you done since to ensure yourself “peace of mind”?
    • There is a clear advantage to IT outsourcing and TechnoLiving IT services and information management is highly rated as an organization that can provide this expertise and service to you.
    • We not only provide IT management but help reduce the complexity and frustration of “the internet of things”.
    • We support the growth of your business by suggesting and adding necessary devices and enabling systems that allow continuity and accelerate speed and flow of your business and network. As technology makes advances in the constant effort to prepare and protect our devices and data so too is Technoliving maintaining the most current certifications and knowledge of the technology and IoT industry.
    • Do you know what “real-time backup is and are you 100% sure that it is happening in your business? TechnoLiving IT provides you with continuous data protection. In the event of a natural or man-made disaster we pride ourselves on being reliable and faster to recover your data up to the most recent backup.
    • Do you have years of important client information and files? Years of financial documents? Years of photos? Years of confidential information? Trade secrets? Perhaps personal files or photos? Years of research? Years of saved articles and reference tools? Important emails saved for future reference. We could go on and on but instead we would rather advise you on how to let us implement a secure IT information and IT management plan for your business.
    • Do you have a trusted IT partner that is knowledgeable, cost-effective, reliable, secure and licensed to entrust your computers to and safeguard your data? TechnoLiving is CompTia certified business, licensed and insured.
    • Can you store and access your data from virtually anywhere? Is accessibility important to you? These are of few of many things our support team can help you with.
    • We face new security threats every day. With the increase of more types of devices and the diverse nature of how data travels across multiple platforms in today’s technology based world both in our personal and business lives we are at high risk for security threats. Let us help you with a solution!
    • Your emails are not a safe and secure form of communication. From sender to recipient there are multiple opportunities for your information to be stolen and compromised. We protect your information even when it is sent in an email with data encryption.
    • Having intellectual property stolen today is very common. Sometimes that information is misdirected
    • Data backup services and recovery with TechnoLiving IT in West Palm Beach Florida is the most important service you could ever sign up for, as TechnoLiving specializes in computer, data, and hard drive backup, as well as system recovery from USB drives, hard drives, RAID drives, NAS drives, Databases, SQL, QuickBooks, etc. We use a unique system that backs up all your computer and server information and stores it in a dissimilar server off site so you’ll always be able to re-access your data quickly.

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