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Have You Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

At TechnoLiving we try very hard to make people aware of the need for protecting their data and systems. So often as I talk to businesses I find out that they are backing up their data on their hard drive or an additional external drive. A lot of company’s I speak to have cloud storage but don’t know who is the provider. All they know is their IT guy or their relative who takes care of their computer stuff is sufficiently handling it all and they are satisfied. Satisfied so far!

Let me give you an analogy. You pay for house insurance every month for years. You have stayed with that same insurance company forever, you have never checked your policy or looked to upgrade anything on it over time. You trust your insurance company and if something changed or new came up in the world of “Home Owners Insurance” you are sure your agent would call you and make you aware of what you may need to add to my policy or change on your policy as the world and your lifestyle changes. You have never had to file a claim for years on your home. There has never been a problem so there has never been a need. 

After years of dreaming about and saving for your custom designed inground pool with a spa and waterfall you’re finally enjoying it, for 3 months now, in your beautiful backyard. Every weekend you have a barbeque with neighbors or relatives. Recently, your daughter had her birthday pool party and it was a big hit with her friends. 

You had called Jim, your insurance agent 3 months ago and let him know you had a inground pool put in. He was on vacation but his associate Stan, was filling in for Jim while he was away on vacation. You tell Stan that you want to add coverage to your current “Home Owners” policy for your new pool. Stan takes all your information and said that he would take care of it for you. Stan, explains that you would need to add extra coverage on your current policy for slips, injuries, accidental drownings and pool related issues that might occur. You agree and Stan emails you the necessary paperwork. You receive the paperwork, e-sign it in your email and call Stan with your credit card for payment. The next day you received another email from the Insurance Company confirming that the additional coverage for your pool has been added to your policy. 

Six months later a hurricane hits and your house is almost destroyed. It is a sad day! You have lost everything but thank god you are all ok. Your roof is destroyed and a large tree fell on your backyard fence and into the swimming pool. Also, most of the roof is in your beautiful pool and spa. 

You call your insurance agency and speak to Your agent Jim and he tells you that your policy covers your roof and fence but not your swimming pool. There is a special insurance you need with an inground pool besides your regular “Homeowners Insurance”. Six months earlier when you called to add the pool you only added extra liability for the pool to your “Homeowners Insurance”. “But Stan told me,” “and pool related issues”. “I assumed I was all Set”. 

Here is the real issue, you never questioned what kind of “pool related issues”. You took Stan’s word. You didn’t ask questions. Did you ask about natural disasters? No! You just called and said you wanted to add the pool to your current “Home Owners” policy. After all Stan is the insurance expert “he should know what I Need to Be Protected! “I Have Used Your Company for Years and Never Had a Problem!” You have a big problem now. That dream pool that you saved money for, for years is destroyed.

This is an excellent analogy of what occurs every minute of every day in the world of technology. Business owners add new devices and hardware to their systems and network and rely on input and advice from in-house employees who say they know computers and can fix or help with advice on managing the network. Often, it’s a relative that has always taken care of the computers when they go down and takes care of data protection, etc.  “My brother in-law is an architect and has always been a technology nerd and always helps when we have a need.”

Many businesses use an outside individual who has his or her own business or side business doing computer repairs and on call servicing. Most of the time the business owner never asks if they are licensed and insured never mind asking if they are industry certified. A lot of the time business owners rely on this individual to take care of things. However, most of the time the business owner has no idea of what they are doing in their systems as well as how secure is the data protection that they are providing, antivirus and other things that only that individual, independent “Tech” knows.

It’s like the business owner who is blind and hires a full time personal chauffer to drive him around. The business owner knows where he wants to go but doesn’t know what kind of car he is being driven in, how old the car is, if the car has a full tank of gas, if the is vehicle insured, how often the car is being serviced, etc. It is taken for granted, assumed, that all is good and will be for the entire time he employs this driver and his car.

TechnoLiving is industry certified as well as licensed and insured. We have been in business for over 15 years. Whether it is a freak occurrence, a virus or a natural disaster, TechnoLiving will 100% backup each of your computers and server multiple times a day. This means all your data, files, photos, music, documents, programs, your active Windows as well as your computer settings. That means if you are currently still using Windows 7, it will be recovered and running again should your system crash or you lose all power for days in a natural disaster.

The benefit of choosing TechnoLiving is that we can remotely monitor your computer or network and backup your data several times day as well as make sure that your data is stored locally as well as in offsite encrypted cloud servers.

Protecting your data and files is as important as having the right “Home Owners Insurance” and “Car Insurance”.  You want to make sure you are covered and can replace what got damaged.

Don’t miss losing your data forever. Call TechnoLiving today, we are the most reliable, educated, licensed, insured and trusted IT company that is right for you!

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