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Why TechnoLiving for Your Business?

Perhaps your current safety solution for storing your data utilizes expensive hardware and tapes, which are prone to failure, lack of redundancy and don’t protect your business in the event of a disaster. 

Human error, where an employee loses information or sends it to an incorrect person or company is one way to give access to company information. Or an employee opens an email that looks like it is coming from a source that they know, giving access to your organizations network and data.

There are many reasons why every business needs IT management today. Hacking is a skill! Downtime is loss of money! Loss of Data is priceless! 

Technoliving will remotely monitor your computers 24/7 not only while you work but while you sleep. We will be your watch dog.


Data Security & Backup
Prevent the unexpected from jeopardizing your company.

Managed Services
We’ll manage all of your IT services for a Flat-rate fee tailored for your business.

Email / Spam Protection
We encrypt all of your email data to prevent against theft and online threats.

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Encrypted data, Privacy, System Recovery, Disaster Planning And Safeguarding Your Client's Confidential Information Ensures Credibility

  • Workstation and device security
  • Encrypted Backup
  • Encrypted email
  • Integrity Controls
  • Transmission Security

In this ever changing world of cyber hackers disguising ways to swipe confidential information and hack your data emerge daily.

Does your business have the capacity and information to protect and secure your systems and network?

Data privacy, system recovery, disaster planning and cloud storage are essential to your profession and your client’s privacy and confidentiality. 

Also we provide these services

  • Remote Management
  • IT Support
  • On Site and Cloud Backup
  • Email Support
  • Office 365
  • Phone Systems
  • Smart Lighting
  • Server Support
  • Managed Antivirus
  • Managed Web Access
  • Waiting area TV
  • Managed Guest WiFI
  • Security Cameras
  • Conference Rooms Setup
  • Waiting Room Area setup
  • Smart Temperature Control
  • Music
  • Remote Printing

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