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What about Wi-Fi? 

Wi-Fi is simply two-way radio. It is an energy field that is dispatched as waves. These waves are shorter in height than radio waves and travel at a definite speed which allow for a different transmission than radios or microwaves.

A wi-fi energy field is a unique transmission band that cannot be interrupted by other signals. A wireless router receives the signal from your computer or device, translates that data and transmits it by using an antenna. Some refer to the router as a decoder. The router must have a wired ethernet connection to connect to the internet.

Wi-Fi was delivered to the public for consumption in 1997. A committee called 802.11 was created by AT&T with NCR Corporation in 1991 originally for use with cashier systems. 

Vic Hayes chaired the 802.11 committee and helped establish the standards that would later make Wi-Fi feasible. Some have called him the “father of Wi-Fi”.  

However, some also say that if it wasn’t for that sexy, famous MGM Golden Age film star Hedy Lamarr we would not have Wi-Fi!

Lamarr was mathematically inclined and had a curiosity for science. You might say her pastime was consumed with ideas and inventions.

Her first husband, a Nazi cooperator who manufactured arms for Nazi Germany, barely allowed her to leave the house. Because of his position and occupation Hedy spent time with the military elite and engineers in Nazi Germany from whom she learned how hard it was for them to control a torpedo with radio waves after launching it. These signals could easily be intercepted and overpowered by the enemy (Axis powers). Hedy had the idea to switch the channels erratically, varying the channels so that the enemy could not figure out which channels to block. Her “frequency hopping” idea was a thought until she met a fellow inventor George Antheil in Hollywood at a dinner. Together they developed a radio guidance system for allied torpedoes that utilized both “spread spectrum” and “frequency hopping” to defeat the ability for the Axis powers to radio jam a launched torpedo.

In 1942, the patent for “frequency hopping” was awarded to George Antheil and Hedy Kiesler Markey (Hedy’s married name).

This patent is the basis for spread-spectrum communication technology which is one of the fundamental ideas that support Wi-Fi signals today. The US Navy did not use the technology, a radio guidance system, until the 1960’s. However, the principle of these two inventors work are incorporated into modem Wi-Fi, CDMA and Bluetooth technology today.

TechnoLiving often gets calls from businesses that have constant issues with their Wi-Fi connection. Our experts have resolved this issue time after time by installing an appropriate Wi-Fi equipment. It is important that the equipment is set on the right channel and is in the appropriate location of the office or building that is having Wi-Fi problems. Where to install the Wi-Fi antennas takes a professional like our expert Technicians at TechnoLiving. Often our technicians enter a business that has some type of Wi-Fi antenna already installed by a previous IT company or Individual and they are still having connection issues. Always call a certified, licensed and insured professional like TechnoLiving that has all the latest knowledge, experience and education to get the job done right.

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