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Ransomware is an epidemic!

There is no doubt since the invention of the computer that the advances in today’s technology have created new heights in effectively connecting our world. This immediate connection has benefited individuals, institutions and businesses globally. However, along with this virtual world has come the birth of cybercrime. Some believe it has replaced organized crime.

It is predicted to be over $1 trillion from 2017 to 2021 in global spending on cybersecurity according to “Cybersecurity Market Report”.

Ransomware is an epidemic! Did you ever think that an epidemic would be controlling our lives and economics through a device? Merriam-Webster defines an epidemic “affecting or tending to affect a disproportionately large number of individuals within a population, community, or region at the same time.” Merriam- Webster also defines epidemic as” an outbreak or product of sudden rapid spread, growth, or development”.

According to Steve Morgan of Cybersecurity Business Report, “global ransomeware damage costs are predicted to exceed $5 Billion in 2017”.

What can you do now to prevent cyberattacks

To prevent cyberattacks on your devices or server so that attackers are not able to steal your sensitive data? The first thing one can do is educate yourself as to what ransomeware attacks are. Go on Google and research information as to what these different attacks are and what are the signs to be aware of to avoid opening infected emails or unknowingly directed to a malicious website.

So, what can you do besides educate yourself? Don’t store your personal information and data on your PC or device. Have an external hard drive as well as cloud storage. TechnoLiving has a program available to you for a minimal expense that will monitor your computer as well as utilize encrypted cloud storage. This way you will have 2 backups, your external hard drive and a cloud backup that you can trust. Another important factor is making sure that your operating system and software is up to date. TechnoLiving IT management plans also offer this service of monitoring your updates and making sure they are the correct updates including the latest antivirus updates.

Our recommendations

TechnoLiving suggests you use an administrative account on your computer and Wi-Fi utilizing a separate guest account for guests that limits the opportunity for admission of ransomeware attacks. If you are not doing this you are making yourself vulnerable to cyberattacks and compromising sensitive data as well as your systems. An IT service provider such as TechnoLiving will adjust privacy settings and understand what needs to be adjusted in your PC or laptop to secure the data that flows through your internet connection and limit the ability for an attack on your data and system.

It is very important that you discipline yourself and if you are a business owner your employees to incorporate online etiquette or habits:

  • Never download weird or suspicious emails
  • Never download unknown attachments
  • Never open attachment or links from your spam
  • Never click on links from unknown emails

Ransomware can go undetected by antivirus!

It is sophisticated enough to keep hidden from your antivirus. No antivirus and no IT service can guarantee 100% security but the best chance you have to date to secure your data is to pay the software protection industry or pay for a service provider like TechnoLiving that will not only provide that antivirus software but also monitor your computer, PC or tablet for you 24/7.

By Damian Maravankin, CEO at TechnoLiving.

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