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Why TechnoLiving for Title Companies?

Perhaps you have never had a professional IT evaluation of your business. How safe is your company and your employees from a data breach that you may not even be aware of ? Highly confidential information from Clients are scanned, emailed and faxed everyday. Bank wires and account information is a target for hackers. Are you sure that this information is protected? How liable are you if you have not taken the right measures to ensure that you are implementing all that you can to safeguard your customers personal and confidential  information?

Are you outsourcing industry software for workflow? Do you know what safeguards are currently being used to protect your company from viruses that you may inherit from software updates?

Data Security & Backup

Prevent the unexpected from jeopardizing your company.

It’s not just your in-house computers that you need security and backup! What about your employees laptops and tablets when utilizing there personal devices in your business. Is your Wi-Fi secure and are you providing a seperate Wi-Fi password for them and any guests that come into your office?

Managed Services

We’ll manage all of your IT services for a Flat-rate fee tailored for your business.

Email / Spam Protection

We encrypt all of your email data to prevent against theft and online threats.

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Is Your Client Data Safe? They Are Counting On You!

  • Workstation and device security
  • Encrypted Backup
  • Encrypted email
  • Integrity Controls
  • Transmission Security

Without you even being aware, hackers can swipe confidential information from your email. They can divert your emails, wipe out all your data and plagiarize your confidential information.

Safeguard not only your data and emails, but also safeguard your client’s confidential information.¬†

Data privacy, system recovery, disaster planning and cloud storage are essential to your business and your client’s privacy and confidentiality.¬†

Also we provide these services

  • Remote Management
  • IT Support
  • On Site and Cloud Backup
  • Email Support
  • Office 365
  • Phone Systems
  • Smart Lighting
  • Server Support
  • Managed Antivirus
  • Managed Web Access
  • Waiting area TV
  • Managed Guest WiFI
  • Security Cameras
  • Conference Rooms Setup
  • Waiting Room Area setup
  • Smart Temperature Control
  • Music
  • Remote Printing

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