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What is a Phishing Attack?

Phishing is a term used for identity theft and virus spreading. It is a type of “account theft” occurring by messaging to one’s email. These scammers send false information which come from a recognized company or organization that entice the receiver to respond with his or her personal information.

Usually there is a link for one to click on which is a website where the user is asked to update their information. This information may be passwords, credit card details, bank account numbers and social security numbers.

There are many different types of Phishing.

Phishers can also infect your computers with viruses. Computer viruses can be like a human flu virus spreading from person to person. A computer virus spreads from host to host. It is a detrimental code written to change the way your computer operates. This code is designed to spread from one computer to another. A virus achieves its objective by embedding itself to a document or program in your computer that supports macros. Why macros(microinstruction)? To execute its codes. The virus spreads to other computers through software programs like Microsoft Excel or Word that are common and capable of executing macros. Viruses written for these programs can infect other documents every time the document is opened. Hence, how easily a computer network can be infected. Once you unknowingly open an infected document and attach it to an email you are sending to someone else you have spread it further.

There are many ways your computer can become infected with viruses, spyware and other malware.

Updating is so important today! Many programs are security oriented. Especially those programs associated with Microsoft Windows. Remember these Phishers prey on common and popular software programs.

How can TechnoLiving help you? Perhaps your current IT guy or IT company has initially told you that you are backing up daily. Are you sure this is happening? Do you have a system to check this? Can you get reports? With TechnoLiving you will!

With TechnoLiving managing your network, small problems will be resolved before they become huge calamities.

TechnoLiving is a 24/7 watch guard and support team that is positively and effectively testing your network and business. Our services are extensive and vary from remote virus protection to individual desktop support. The ability to fix problems remotely as well as manage one computer to many computers and servers from a single console saves you money, downtime and gives you peace of mind.