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Businesses IT Services Transformation Due To Pandemics and Disasters

The recent COVID-19 pandemic hit many businesses financially and raised many questions about staffing, facilities and more than ever, IT Services. With many businesses moving to remote operations, employers found themselves trying to assess their new IT needs; be it IT infrastructure or IT services and support. Bellow we will explore the main questions businesses need to ask and transformations necessary in order to adjust to the new reality; as

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Data Backup and Recovery in a Disaster Environment

As businesses transform their activity for digital-first environments, it’s a challenge to keep up with the massive data and information needed to be managed and stored. Up until recently businesses stored their data in on-premises storage servers. In recent years, more and more choose to back up their data with cloud solutions. Bellow we will discuss the different IT data management and storage solutions, the importance of data backup and

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Email Encryption and security in the new threats environment

The new digital transformation of businesses improves productivity and opens a new window into network and connectivity with clients, partners and workers. This convenience comes with a price: increased exposure to threats to your business IT systems. Most common threats breach your systems by not sufficiently protecting email systems, which result in phishing and hacking attacks that might lead to a loss of data and even loss of business. Below

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How Wireless Technology Can Improve Your Business

New technology evolves the way we operate businesses and provides new ways to make processes more efficient and productive. Since many processes have been digitized over time, a new challenge has become connectivity and networking. Below we are going to explore the different connectivity solutions, with an emphasis on wireless networks connectivity and how it can improve your business. WHY DOES YOUR BUSINESS NEED NETWORK CONNECTIVITY? In the current environment

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VOIP – The Future of Business Communication

No matter if you are a small business or a large scaled organization: you have some sort of audible communications system in place. The means of communication can range from regular phone wired lines to VOIP. At this point you may ask yourself what is the system your business has, or what is the difference between a phone and VOIP system? The simple answer is that phone land lines are

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