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  • Managed Web Protection

Web Security

Computer security is an ongoing problem today! Keeps yourself and your employees’ safe from cyberattacks as well as your business protected from legal liability. servers your servers, PCs and laptops on the move from websites pushing malware, phishing sites, proxies, spyware and adware, botnets, and SPAM. TechnoLiving’s internet security team will monitor your computers and server 24 hour a day, seven days a week securing your network with updated antivirus solutions and if needed the ability to recover data. Hard drive data recovery, disk recovery, internet security and how and when to backup data are essential in today’s world. Our IT management team will ensure backup data, antivirus and anti spyware are being utilized and updated efficiently. Part of managed computer services is remote access and it is through remote access that TechnoLiving can monitor when an attempt of a cyberattack has been made on your computer or network server. While you sleep our computers are reporting and our IT remote team are securing you and your business.

Increased Productivity

Increase productivity by applying time-based browsing rules and web content filtering policies. Across 80+ categories of websites you can reduce non-work related browsing e.g. social networking, viewing videos, researching travel, auctions, games and more. TechnoLiving IT remote access and remote administration can apply these time-based browsing rules and web filtering as you may need us to apply them. Should you choose this option for your business it will help to reduce your employees from non-work related browsing and social networking while on your dollar. This will keep productivity and focus up as well as protect your business from legal liability and reduces the risk of internet security issues and downtime.

Up and Running AND Protected in Minutes

With no server or proxies to configure our Web Content tool is fast and simple to set up. When our agent is installed, browsing controls are automatically applied to ensure the right level of protection for each server, desktop PC and laptop that are applied. Do you know how to configure your firewall, proxy, or other network software? Are your network connections blocked? You are probably reading this and saying to yourself I have no idea what any of this is! Through IT remote monitoring of your computers TechnoLiving will collect events happening and through our software we will be able to remotely browse your computer or network applying new metrics for your business. This provides us with reports gauging your organizations various business processes such as employees, products, services, etc. Processes that effect your computer network and the security of that computer network. Simply this allows you to perform better, progress and plan more efficiently with little or no downtime.

Bandwidth Monitoring

Staying on top of bandwidth usage with real-time graphical views and alerts when devices exceed thresholds; enabling quick remediation to avoid unwanted costs or a throttled network. Bandwidth refers to the volume of information that your internet connection can handle at any given time in your network. It is essential in today’s world to have a new level of security. By monitoring through remote access TechnoLiving can have visibility of your network and internet usage so things are running smoothly and ensuring that the content you have is the content you need. Safety as well as performance is what your business needs 24/7 when it comes to internet security for your computers and your network server. TechnoLiving can offer you this level and new levels of internet security for your computers and network by monitoring safe and dangerous content that is originating from your internet. Internet threats that can cost you not only can block your computers but steal your data as well.

Instant Notifications

Get instant notification when internet usage policies are breached e.g. streaming videos or attempting to upload data files above a configurable threshold. TechnoLiving are experts in IT management and IT services. What that means is that we are trained, licensed and insured professionals that have the knowledge and ability to not only find and fix the problems in your computers and network but also can find issues in your technology before they are about to occur. This is another example of the kind of assurance and IT support that TechnoLiving will provide you with, alleviating your potential technology problems in the future. I.T. security is no longer an option it is a must! Like an alarm clock TechnoLiving is alerted to possible problems. Perhaps it’s pc security, internet security, your network server, your laptop or all your computers. IT management is what we do best! Let us be your “secret service”, computer service, behind the scenes watching your back!

Easy Maintenance

Policy management enables web protection configurations to be quickly and easily applied at group level, with the flexibility of overriding a single device for more granular control. Through IT remote access and remote administration TechnoLiving can provide and protect your specific business by customizing a program that suits your needs. The best customer service we can give is to work with you as a team member constantly working to meet your needs and preferences. By communicating with our IT Systems Engineers it will enable us to configure your preferences through remote administration allowing us to easily maintain your computers and network every hour of every day.

Reduced Risk

Our cloud base security threats are constantly updating. Every 5 minutes computers are protected from the latest web security threats to ensure continual protection and reduced risk of a security breach or productivity losses from slowed systems.

Features and benefits of Web Protection

Over 90% of attacks come from malicious URLs

Without this level of protection, it’s all too easy for users to stray onto websites, which might appear safe, but can deliver a malicious payload to their computer. Besides the time and cost of cleaning up viruses and the loss of productivity from malware slowing down systems, there are bigger risks to consider. When passwords are stolen through a phishing attack, there can be devastating results for a business, including reputation damage, data breach and loss of intellectual property.

Up and running AND protected in minutes

With Web Protection, browsing controls are automatically and intelligently applied from install; ensuring the right protection is in place for your network server, workstations, your network computer, laptops and personal pc whether they are in the office, on the road, or in a user’s home office. Easily configured policies keep management light; coordinating security categories to be blocked and defining time-based browsing rules.

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