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Why Choose TechnoLiving for your Web Protection and Web Security

At TechnoLiving we believe IT problems should be fixed before they occur. We know that emergencies, down time and data loss cost you money and resources. For the last 20 years TechnoLiving IT Services in West Palm Beach has developed expertise in business web security solutions which allows us to evaluate and implement all protective and functional measures to provide your business with the best threats protection to run smoothly and safely.

We provide custom IT Services and tailored business web protection and security solutions to allow you focus on your business, while we take care of threats protection for you.

Explore TechnoLiving Web Protection Services in West Palm Beach

Web Security Solutions
System security is an ongoing problem today. Keep yourself and your employees safe from cyber attacks and keep your business protected from legal liability and downtimes. Therefore, TechnoLiving’s internet security experts team will monitor your computers and server 24/7, securing your network with updated antivirus solutions. Furthermore, if needed we will provide the ability to recover data. In addition, we provide hard drive data recovery, disk recovery, full internet security and many more options to protect you and your customers data from threats.

Up and Running and Protected in Minutes
Setting up our Web Content tool is fast. In addition, our tools do not required server or proxies. Moreover, when our protection tool agent is installed, browsing controls are auto applied to ensure the right level of protection for each user. No more settings mistakes and no more hustle for you.

Instant Alerts
Get instant alerts when internet usage policies are breached. For instance, streaming videos or attempting to upload data files above the permitted threshold.

Increased Productivity
Increase productivity by applying time-based browsing rules and web content filtering. Across more than 80 categories of websites you can reduce non-work related browsing. For example, social networks, video viewing, researching travel, auctions, games and more. In other words, this will keep productivity and focus up as well as protect your business from legal liability. In addition, it reduces the risk of internet security breach issues and downtime.

Web Monitoring
Staying on top of web usage with real-time alerts when devices exceed thresholds; enabling quick adjust to avoid unwanted costs or a broken network. By monitoring through remote access, TechnoLiving offers visibility of your network and internet usage so things are running smoothly.

Easy Maintenance
Security policy management enables web protection settings to be quickly and easily applied at a group level, with the flexibility of overriding a single device for more granular control. Most important, we will constantly work with you as a team member to meet your needs.


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