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IT Management with TechnoLiving IT

All your technology managed from one place.

When  outsourcing your IT needs for TechnoLiving IT managed Services, here are some of the substantial benefits that TechnoLiving IT can offer:

  • Tailored Packages – We know that every business has different needs, so we offer 100% custom IT management packages for your business size and budget.
  • Predictable costs 24/7 - TechnoLiving IT doesn’t charge you more when your computer network is down or a server fails. Our flat-rate fee covers all of that whenever you need it done.
  • Ramped up productivity - never stress again about network setup failures, as our managed services include around-the-clock IT remote monitoring, 24/7 of your computers and network to help prevent problems before they happen.
  • We are always available - part of what makes our IT management service in South Florida so exceptional is that we are always available.
  • We protect you from the unexpected – you will be asking yourself why have I been paying for IT management services for a year now when I have not had any major problems of any kind with my computers or server?
  •  The Answer Is – you have not had any computer, network, ransomware, downtime issues because TechnoLiving IT has been your security guard 24/7.

The reason you will have had no major problems with your network, computers, or server is because we remain quietly behind the scene watching and preventing problems before they occur. This is what we do!

  • You and your employees will not be aware visually that we are preventing problems and resolving issues 24/7. Technology today is ever changing and these issues can be problematic to the point that if we were not monitoring your systems it could be a disaster for your network or server which could shut down the flow of business. 
  • Maximum customer service –  with Technoliving IT service management consider us part of your team always there supporting your computer and network needs. 
  • Ensuring “peace of mind” – antivirus protection that is updated and monitored by professionals that are current on technology trends and solutions to possible problematic situations. 
  • Internet security – watch guarding your computer systems from email threats providing you with internet security as well as data security. 
  • IT Security – not only do we provide internet security, antivirus, backup data we also specialize in hard drive data recovery. 
  • Recover data – in a disaster TechnoLiving is already doing a backup of your files to an encrypted cloud and can restore your data getting you up and running with our customized recovery plan. 

We Backup all 100% of each of your computers and server or servers.
 All your data, files, photos, music, documents, programs, your active
Windows as well as all your computers settings.*

  • Backups run multiple times a day and data is stored locally as well as offsite to encrypted cloud servers. The benefit of storing in an encrypted cloud is that it will convert your data into a code with the purpose of securing your information to prevent unapproved access.
  • Reduce your recovery time by being able to recover entire servers, workstations and their data and do so using either local or cloud-based storage.
IT management for us is a service that requires attention, trust and individualized care for your computers, network and server support 24/7 in West Palm Beach, FL. We are remotely monitoring from our offsite location in West Palm Beach, Florida where we have technology engineers and professionals on site making sure that all systems are go when it comes to protecting your data and files as well as there to coach and advise you should your computers or server have a problem. What we really aim for is that because we are monitoring your network setup systems 24/7 that we are almost always able to prevent viruses from entering your computers and server. We also backup what should be backed up and filter out the negative safeguarding your systems and data from any breach of that data or cyberattack. We are available for questions and we give you the answers. It is the ability to have and IT department available to you all the time without the expense of expert IT personnel salaries, hardware, expensive software and so much that goes with an in house IT department. *Business Elite Plan

No matter how big or small your technology
needs are, we are there for you as your IT management team.
Always ready to prevent and administer
what is needed to keep your business 
functioning at full capacity.
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