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At TechnoLiving we know your Law practice relies on technology more than ever before. From managing your clientele with the help of IT services to making sure that your and your clients most sensitive data stays safe and secure, we are here to provide you with the most advanced solutions to help your business operate smoothly, with full computer support, data backup and managed IT.

Let our team take care of IT, so you can take care of your business.

Listed below are just some of the most popular IT services we provide for Law Firms and Private Law Practice Offices in West Palm Beach

Managed IT Services

Law Firms rely on many technological  IT solutions in order to run efficiently and smooth. Unlike some industries, Law Firm offices don’t have the luxury of having  IT managed Services technicians team in house, thus any problem with technology requires external IT support services in order to resolve IT emergencies or deal with downtimes. If you don’t have the IT support we offer, you will end up paying too much and not get the full coverage you need. In addition, we offer end to end IT  solutions and 24/7 support to make your business  run smoothly and secured. Make sure your business has great IT services.

IT Support Services

Some practices combine different IT support services, storage solutions, cloud services and other technologies. However, sometimes you don’t even realize how unsafe and unstructured your IT systems are. Our IT support services, which includes IT ticketing system and remote monitoring help desk will make sure your systems are aligned with best industry practices. In addition, our top IT specialists will be available to address and fix any issue you may encounter in order to provide you with smooth and safe business continuity and operations.

System Security Backup and Recovery

Companies  and businesses have to manage a lot of data. Be it the business operations of internal activity or customer data, the data is usually very private and sensitive. Your data backup and information should be secured and retrievable in case something goes wrong. We offer multi-layer threat protection and full data backup and recovery services which will make sure your data is safe and available to you any time. Furthermore, we offer advanced on site and cloud storage solutions to assure best practice  IT procedures.

Digital Signage

Leverage our medical and healthcare  offices digital signage  and display solutions to solve communication challenges with patients and visitors. In addition, reduce wait times by up to 35% and empower employees with relevant, timely information.

VOIP and Telecommunications Solutions

Managing communication with clients and staff can be very challenging. Our VoIP service and system solutions provide you with the best equipment and support service to assure your communication is according to top industry standards. Better communication means increased productivity.

Security Cameras and CCTV Systems

Part of knowing what is going on in your business is having eyes in all the right places. At TechnoLiving IT we specialize in security, cameras and CCTV surveillance systems which will allow you to monitor and act on emerging issues and claims, backed with premium on premises and cloud storage services, security specialists  and most advanced technology in the industry.

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