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Use the right encryption software and avoid misuse of sensitive information

With the rapid increase in the usage of the internet the trouble of protecting data or important information became extremely necessary. Sharing data with clients, business partners or even within a specific organization is to be completed in a safe and secured manner. But with the increase in the rate
of attackers and hackers there are various situations that create a worry in minds of people who use email regularly. The email is one reliable means of communication and when managed with the support of the protective organizations which offer email security it is easy share information without any stress.

Need of a finely developed software

With a finely developed email encryption software one can manage all the confidential information and data as this stands as a specialized tool. By using this specific technology, it is easy to safeguard the information from the attackers who tend to steal information from various sources. This technology is apt for organizations who like to maintain privacy and is one ideal way to avoid a few unexpected problems. Using the email security software, it is easy to safeguard the private information of the company as email security West Palm Beach FL is top priority of every individual.

Keeping an eye on the mail and the attachments that are sent via email is easy with the right security measures. Avoiding risk of losing data or revealing sensitive information is simple with this Email Encryption West Palm Beach FL and with a perfect architecture it solves a majority of the problems.
Choose the email security which offer numerous advantages including a safe environment to stay away from all the business risks. Protecting the confidential information using the email security West Palm Beach FL is one systematic method to maintain the data safe.

The best part of getting email encryption software from a certified service provider is that it supports in many ways as they offer policy-based services. The registered vendor offers email encryption and email security in West Palm Beach FL that are suitable for several different environments and with this
securing the content of the email is not tough even within the organization.

  • The experts offer pocket friendly services and at the same time attend the need immediately, which drives away the worry of maintenance.
  • They design the software to satisfy the client needs and technically make sure that the installation and working are normal.
  • In order to gain appropriate services along with the worthy software, it is necessary to choose the service provider who offer the best and approved email encryption software.
  • Get the software of email encryption West Palm Beach FL after a thorough research as choosing one reliable service provider allow every user to earn innumerable benefits.
  • The basic and one of the most essential advantage of seeking expert support is that the data is totally safe as email encryption software is exclusively designed to protect private information.
  • Along with a thorough protection the companies offer cost effective services that are suitable for various business needs.

The best part is that the email encryption and email security are totally time saving and is one ideal way to stay safe from spam mails. So, make sure to use the right am decrypted emails which protect the sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands in a hassle-free manner.

Outlook box

User-friendly encrypted email with no plugins or apps. Simply wrap brackets around the subject in any email client and Bracket handles the rest. Sounds interesting right?

Nothing to install
Password-free sign-in
No recipient account creation
Send from any email client
Personalized notifications
Large attachment sending
Built for mobile and desktop
Multi-layer AES256 encryption
Two-factor authentication
Distributed encryption keys
Geolocated sign-in requests
Message expiration and recall
SMTP TLS import/export gateway
Notification-level subject masking
Screen inbox

 Encryption that’s secure and easy to use.

Rotating keys

Ultra-secure data encryption

Don’t let Bracket’s ease of use fool you. The encryption techniques we employ to secure your email data are state of the art. Bracket is built on a distributed, multi-layer AES256 encryption design with automatic key rotation. This means you never have to wonder if your data is safe.

Inbox authentication

Lightning fast sign in without sacrificing security

Securely sign in without a password

Simply request to sign in using your email address, then click the secure link from your inbox (the same way password resets are handled most of the time). Bracket bakes in extra security so it’s actually more secure than password logins.

Expiring, one-time-use links

Bracket sign-in links expire 15 minutes after being delivered. In addition, each sign-in link only works once, so you never have to worry about someone rummaging through your inbox and opening old links.

Geolocation of sign-in requests

As an addional layer of security, sign-in request notifications also include the requesting device IP and approximate location.

Advanced device fingerprinting

Sign-in links will only work from the device that originally requested access. If a different device attempts to sign in, the link is invalidated and the session is blocked.

Email Security
Email Encryption

Send from any email client on any OS

Email encryption is usually constrained to a specific operating system or mail client, but Bracket frees you up to send encrypted email from literally any email client. So whether your users prefer iPhone, Android, Windows, Linux, or PC (or maybe they just can’t let go of their Blackberry)… it simply doesn’t matter with Bracket.

Bracket encrypts email better than other solutions while taking the pain out of the user experience at the same time. We think that’s pretty amazing.

no plugins or apps

No apps or plugins to install

Most encryption solutions rely on downloading and installing numerous apps and plugins depending on where you’re sending from, but Bracket takes a different approach. To send an encrypted email with Bracket, just wrap the subject in brackets and send it on its way. It’s really that simple.

Ephemeral message storage

Sensitive data shouldn’t default to being kept forever. With Bracket, all data is temporary and there are no mailbox quotas to keep track of. Just send and receive secure messages and go on with your day. By default, messages expire in 1 year, but you can set any message to expire sooner if you wish.

We’ve also made it easy to securely get your data out of Bracket and back in to the other email systems you use that are designed for retention, discovery, and reporting. Seamless archive integration allows you to automatically have your data securely journaled to an archive. The optional ‘Export to Inbox’ feature even allows users to instantly and securely transfer the message to their normal email inbox.

Personal data keys

A personal data key gives you ultimate control of your encrypted message data. When you enable this feature, all of your messages are encrypted in a way which requires the personal data key in order to decrypt the data. And since this key is never stored in Bracket, only you hold the key to reading your messages. You control the key, you control your data.

Bracket was designed from the ground up to remove the pain from email encryption.

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